A tradition that has lasted for more than 50 years

Recipe by Prim. Dr. Sci. Todora Jovanovića


TODoXIN® no.5

TODoXIN no.5 helps revitalize the blood, improves blood count, hemoglobin and increases the amount of iron in the blood. It can be used as an adjunct therapy of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
It is especially recommended for people who suffer from anemia and fatigue. The active ingredients of this product are sponins, tannins, calcium, iron, vitamin C.
TODoXIN no.5 it can be used in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, but also of all the system diseases.
TODoXIN no.5 contribute to cleaning the blood and the extraordinary means to raise the immune system and to improve the efficiency of blood cells to fight pathogenic substances that have been created in the human body.
TODoXIN no.5 penetrates into every cell of human body in order to destroy any intruder, and the cells rejuvenated, regenerated and refreshed.