A tradition that has lasted for more than 50 years

Recipe by Prim. Dr. Sci. Todora Jovanovića

About us

Decades-long scientific work Prim. dr. sci. Todora Jovanovića in the field of immunology has resulted in the invention of the preparation TODoXIN® who through his long-standing application show that the, as a dietary supplement for healthy and sick, effective in restoring energy balance and strengthen the immune system of the human body. It does not matter the time left! The important thing is what you do with that time? When you decide to apply TODoXIN®, First you will notice an improvement in terms of increasing energy, improving the quality of life and general welfare. When using TODoXIN ® , it is impossible to make any forecasts and / or guarantees.

What is TODOXIN®?

TODoXIN® is a completely natural product, based on honey and fresh whole weed plants produced in ecologically clean regions. It contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. TODoXIN® and its variants have helped thousands of patients, not only for cancer, but also with AIDS, leukemia, various forms of herpes, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis....

How TODoXIN® works?

Herbal substances included in the TODoXIN® their actions establish immunoreactivity disease affected tissues. Active plant substances influence is reflected in the regeneration and revitalization of immunocompetent cells, particularly natural killer cells NK (natural killers) and LAK (lymphokine-activated killers) -limfokinom activated killer cells. NK cells are natural killer just what constitutes a foreign body in the body, while the subspecies LAK NK cells and they are the main carriers of defense functions of the organism. LAK cells secrete those substances - lymphokines, cytokines, interleukins, interfreone and other communication materials, which are necessary for the proper functioning of immunocompetent cells and the entire immune system.